MWLUG2016 slides

I had a great time in Austin, TX last week, despite the weather. Thank you Richard Moy for the great organization. The conference went without a hitch thanks to him and his great team. Here are the slides of my presentation. Thanks for the fellow developers attending my seminar. Websocket technology for XPages from Csaba…

New XPage blog site after MWLUG2015

I came back from the 2015 MWLUG last week, and I was very impressed. This was my first Lotus/Domino meeting and was very surprised how many people attended the conference. It was really nice to see the people who are “responsible” for my XPage education (David Leedy, Brad Balassaitis, Howard Greenberg …). A very special thanks to Marky Roden. Thanks for the great presentation, and just being a really nice bloke.